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Powerful Cloud Computing for the AEC Industry

The architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry today experiences the increased need to work closely together with different parties involved in 3D designs and construction projects under upcoming BIM regulations and methodologies.

Projects in this industry are temporary and require a lot of flexibility to access and work on designs from anywhere (on construction sites, customer’s office, home etc.) and anytime. This, along with the building sector’s strong data sharing and processing requirements, illustrates that managing an IT environment for the AEC industry is complicated and challenging.

Our Solution


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At MyGDaaS, we are passionate about people, innovation and cloud technology. Our goal is to bring flexibility and efficiency to you, so that you can focus on your core competencies to achieve greater designs and projects than ever before. Therefore, we created an extremely intuitive online platform that makes it very easy to deploy your own virtual IT environment and powerful CAD workstations in just a few clicks.


We believe that with MyGDaaS, you can improve accuracy and efficiency in the design phase through real time collaboration, leading to improved decision-making, shorter project timelines, better quality and reduced costs of your construction projects.


Get Your BIM in the Cloud Today

Here's what MyGDaaS can do for you

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  • Work from anywhere, anytime and on any device
  • 24/7 accessible cloud hosted service
  • User-friendly and intuitive portal
  • Easy plug and play solution: instant deployment and quick setup

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High performance

  • Optimised streaming at 60 fps
  • Only pay for what you use and for the graphical power you need 
  • Cutting-edge technology and hardware reference designs
  • Secure and ultra-fast file sharing and data storage

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  • One dedicated LAN network: real time collaboration on a central project from different locations 
  • Instantly scale, create or remove workstations for new engineers, architects or designers
  • No need for local hardware or software to run demanding CAD, CAE, CAM, 3D modeling & rendering and BIM software (e.g. AutoDesk’s Revit, ArchiCAD …)

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