Become a MyGDaaS partner and deliver added value to your customers

MyGDaaS Platform is a white label cloud platform perfect for your customers

Nvidia preferred cloud service provider

Instant powerful workspaces from the cloud

Become a MyGDaaS partner and add GPU-powered cloud workstations to your service offering

Reach new markets

With MyGDaaS™, millions of power-hungry workstation users now have a BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) mobile experience within reach. Partners can instantly deploy complete IT environments for designers, engineers, media professionals and other power-users, across organisatinos and geographical locations.

Add your own branding

MyGDaaS™ offers attractive incentives for partners. The Advisor Program requires no upfront investment and generates significant kickbacks on customer consumption. The White Label Program allows for full pricing flexibility and complete rebranding of the service.

Deliver added value

Rely on the technical expertise behind MyGDaaS™ to deliver a flexible and worry-free online service. We guarantee a best-in-class experience to your customers, suited to their needs.

Transparent billing

All MyGDaaS™ services are offered in a monthly subscription or pay-per-use (hourly) pricing model. Users are in complete control of their consumption. They are only charged for the performance, capacity and services they require.

How does the easy deployment of MyGDaaS work?


Step 1: Deploy a variable number of powerful virtual workstations without any restrictions


Step 2: Prepare your virtual workstations with the latest software on your blueprint


Step 3: Multiply this blueprint according to the number of customers on virtual desktops


RESULT: Access the virtual desktops from anywhere, anytime and from any device



Easy deployment of MyGDaaS: Create, deploy and work

Deploy powerful virtual workspaces instantly

Support your customers to run GPU-intensive applications with a scalable high-performance platform

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Become a partner: frequently asked questions

More information about our program for partners

How do I become a MyGDaaS™ partner?

MyGDaaS™ Certification requires passing an online technical qualification. Once the agreement is signed, getting started is easy: learn about the MyGDaaS™ solution online, propose MyGDaaS™ to your customers and start earning kickbacks! Contact us for details. Read more about the partner program here.

Will I get commercial support?

MyGDaaS™ Certified Partners get access to the Partner Readiness Kit, marketing sales support. Moreover, you get the partner credentials to the MyGDaaS™ portal so you can enroll your own customers directly and provision demos or POCs instantly. Contact us for details or call us on +32 939 589 90.

Can I provision demo environments for customers?

As a MyGDaaS™ Certified Partner, you will be able to provision demo workstations, run POCs and set up environments for your customers, all managed by you!

What is the earning model for partners?

MyGDaaS™ offers attractive incentives for partners: the Advisor Program generates significant kickbacks on customer consumption, and the White Label Program allows for full pricing flexibility and complete rebranding of the service.

Does MyGDaaS™ set end user pricing?

Yes. Find the different pricing models for subscriptions, workstations and infrastructure here.

The Cloudalize GPU Desktop-as-a Service (GDaas) powered by NVIDIA GRID is one of the first offerings from our CSP Program. For our partners looking to immediately deliver GPU-accelerated cloud desktops and servers, joining the Cloudalize partner program provides exclusive, early access to the platform. With GDaaS, partners gain a seamless, white-labled platform that comes pre-installed and configured so their customers can get up and running quickly.

Matthew McGrigg of Global Cloud Alliances at NVIDIA

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Cloudalize quickly became the preferred solution for us because of its immediate availability and simple interface, incomparable cost effectiveness on a monthly basis and zero upfront CAPEX. In addition, a direct and enthusiastic contact with the people behind the operation was at once enlightening and reassuring. We tested GDaaS in multiple locations, and the performance has far outstripped the more traditional remote desktops we were trying to use for 3D designs and general office synchronicity.

Peter Culley CEO Spatial Affairs Bureau

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Luciad’s partnership with Cloudalize enables our customers to deliver dynamic situational awareness applications to their users anywhere, anytime and on any platform, By using Cloudalize’s GPU-accelerated GDaaS platform, users can interact with rich 3D geospatial graphics and powerful analytics on any device.

Marc Melviez CEO of Luciad

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The first things I tested on the cloud desktop was responsiveness and performance of the applications: no difference compared with my traditional workstation.

Karl van Nieuwenhuyse BIM coordinator at Willemen Construction group

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Cloudalize’s GDaaS offering has helped NVIDIA GRID™ make an impact at defence and security industry events by enabling us to demonstrate application-ready virtual machines on the show floor.

Alastair Houston Business Development Manager at NVIDIA

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