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The Value of Cloud Computing for Real Estate Players

Maxim Greant     -    April 24, 2017
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Topics: BIM, Cloud Computing, GDaaS, MyGDaaS, Real estate

MyGDaaS instant free trials available

Andreea Arcaleanu     -    April 18, 2017

MyGDaaS has been online for months now and we’ve always wanted to provide you with a fluent and automated onboarding process, but the truth is that this was harder than expected. We had to make sure that our platform was stable enough and that we had enough capacity to respond to your needs instantly. We had to make sure that we could offer you a perfect service from the beginning to the end.

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Topics: GDaaS, MyGDaaS, MyGDaaS Trial

Create multiple virtual projects in MyGDaaS

Jan Festjens     -    April 21, 2017

After learning how to create users and virtual servers, we now want to go into the next step. How to make sure a specific set of resources is only accessible for a specific group of users.

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Topics: GDaaS features, What is GDaaS?, Product demo

Happy New Year!

Andreea Arcaleanu     -    January 5, 2017

How was your 2016?

This is how it looked like for Cloudalize

Incredible things happened - and it's all thanks to YOU!

We are looking forward to grow the business together in 2017 and we wish you Happy New Year!

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Topics: Announcements

MyGDaaS comes with servers for your workstations

Jan Festjens     -    April 21, 2017

Now that you’ve learned how to set up a workstation on MyGDaaS platform, it’s time to see how easy it is to add a server (or more) to the mix. There are many cases when you might need to add extra servers – think about having a database, application or a licence server. Anything, except for a file server, as for every workstation with a Team or Enterprise subscription we have included 5 to 10 GB of shared drive storage. And from there on you can easily increase this capacity, if needed.

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Topics: GPU, GDaaS features, Product demo, GDaaS, MyGDaaS, servers

5 ways to reduce costs in a collaborative BIM project via cloud computing

Maxim Greant     -    April 21, 2017

Last years, more than ever, many AEC companies got involved in temporary joint-ventures with multiple partners for collaborative construction projects. This trend has been amplified with today’s strong focus on, and acceptance of, BIM implementation. 

This BIM-adoption in the AEC industry has forced many companies to cope with this new collaboration challenge and to face the barriers and constraints related to this trend. One of these, the technical barriers, can be tackled using cloud computing and has been discussed in this previous blogpost.

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Topics: BIM, Cloud Computing, AEC, GDaaS, MyGDaaS

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