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AutoCAD on MyGDaaS

Posted by Tine Vyvey on Mar 23, 2018
Tine Vyvey

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With the powerful virtual GPU's from MyGDaaS it is easy to design with AutoCAD on any device and at any time. To get you up and running, we will walk you through the steps of setting up a virtual computer on MyGDaaS with AutoCAD. 

The benefits of running AutoCAD on MyGDaaS 

MyGDaaS is built especially to run heavy CAD software such as AutoCAD and Revit. Whether you need to render 3D images on a low-end device, see your project on a construction site or instantly work on your project with your whole team on mobile devices, working with MyGDaaS cloud computers helps you do your job faster and more efficient

While using the MyGDaaS platform, you will get access to a fully pre-installed and pre-configured Windows 10 environment, running on any device, including your Mac. By using the MyGDaaS cloud platform on your device, AutoCAD will not use the computing power from your local device but from our cloud computer. Therefore, you avoid the annoying blowing noise and battery drain that comes with using your local computer. You have full administrative rights to install any other software on your cloud computer.

MyGDaaS does not only allow you to show your work to your customers, but it is also used worldwide by specialized trainers and training centers to give in-house and out-house BIM courses and CAD training. You can read more about giving CAD trainings with MyGDaaS here. In addition, if you are a project manager, you can easily deploy a variable number of powerful virtual CAD workstations according to the number of employees and delete a desktop if it is not needed anymore. You only pay for the the number of desktops and data storage you need. 

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Getting started with MyGDaaS

1. Create and assign a virtual desktop in MyGDaaS

  • Create an account in MyGDaaS and choose your package (Single - Team - Enterprise). 


  • Log in to the portal with your credentials. 

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  • Once you are logged in to the platform, you need to provide your credit card information. Go to Settings > Billing > Balance and click 'Add Card'. Now you can click on 'Buy credits' to buy a credit pack



 Deploy a blueprint with MyGDaaS-1-225467-edited.png

  • Deploy a blueprint and choose between the different types of desktops. Here you can read which desktop best fits the needs to run AutoCAD. Click on MyGDaaS deploy sign.jpg to deploy the blueprint. You will get a screen where you can choose between the monthly or hourly model depending on how often you will use AutoCAD. Read here more about the difference between the monthly and hourly model.



 deploy desktops.jpg

  • Now you can assign the created desktop to a user. Go to Users > select a User > tab Desktops > assign the desktop to your chosen user.


Launch a desktop in MyGDaaS-448126-edited.png


  • Start your virtual desktop by clicking on the MyGDaaS play button.jpg button in the tab Desktops. To launch the desktop, click the screen as soon as it turn green. 



2. Installing AutoCAD

You are ready to go!


Which desktop do I need to run AutoCAD?

We always recommend starting with a M602 (4 vCPU – 6GB RAM – 2GB GPU RAM) which proves to be more than enough for regular projects in AutoCAD. In case your (3D) model is very heavy, you can at any time upgrade your desktop to M604 (8 vCPU – 32GB RAM – 4GB GPU RAM) to better meet your needs and have increased performance. In fact, most of our customers start with our entry-level model workstations to create their first designs and do 2D work. As the projects, and its accompanied files, start increasing in size and complexity, they upgrade their machine to an M604 to start with heavier designs, or have an M608 running in parallel to do the 3D renderings, while continuing to work (on other projects).

requirements AutoCAD 3-347786-edited.png

System requirements to run AutoCAD


2018-03-20 16_36_30-GDaaS M602 - Desktop Viewer.png

Information about M602


Now you are all set and able to work with AutoCAD where, when, and with whom you desire. Enjoy!

Want to know more about running CAD and drafting software in the cloud with MyGDaaS? Have a look at our website: 

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of using MyGDaaS? Give us a call or write us an email and we will be happy to help you!

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