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Your Questions: Connecting via receiver or browser?

Posted by Tine Vyvey on Jan 18, 2018
Tine Vyvey

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In this blog post, we address the two possibilities to connect to the MyGDaaS platform, their advantages, disadvantages and how to switch between these two.

There are two ways to connect to MyGDaaS: Via a browser or via the Citrix receiver.


First, MyGDaaS can be accessed from any HTML5 browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer etc. The advantage of using a browser to connect to MyGDaaS is that you can use the platform on any device, without installing any (receiver) software.


Secondly, you can start the MyGDaaS platform via Citrix receiver. For extended functionality (e.g. multiple screens) and best user experience, we recommend installing the Citrix receiver and selecting receiver on your  Profile. Other advantages of connecting via receiver are that you can use the relative mouse (for applications that demand less sensitive mouse movements to navigate properly), drive mapping and printer mapping. Read here how to optimize 3D mouse movements. Moreover, USB-based add-ons like external hard drives, flash drives, game controllers, webcams, microphones, and other peripherals (e.g. 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse) are only supported with the Citrix receiver.

Settings in MyGDaaS

First time

When you first login to MyGDaaS, you can choose the way how you want to connect to our platform. You can select “Web receiver” – browser (no download needed) or “Native receiver” – receiver (download of the Citrix receiver is necessary).

Pop up in MyGDaaS: First usage - select web receiver or native receiver in MyGDaaS

Change default setting

You can always change your default connection preference in your profile settings.
Select your avatar at the top right. Choose Profile. The selected connection preference will make sure that every time you launch your desktop, you will connect via receiver or via browser. 

If you selected browser at first and you want to change to receiver you have to download the Citrix receiver. Please use this link: You can read here where you can download the Citrix receiver and here how you can install it.

Screenshot in MyGDaaS: Change connection preference (receiver or browser) in MyGDaaS

 Watch the video below for more information about how to connect via a receiver or a browser:


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