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Explore MyGDaaS Management Platform with our interactive demo!

Posted by Tine Vyvey on Jan 31, 2018
Tine Vyvey

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Our interactive demo is here! Starting today, you can explore the MyGDaaS Management Platform on your own with our brand new interactive demo. 

You can explore the benefits of using MyGDaaS for yourself with our brand new interactive demo environment. Enter your email address on our homepage and start discovering the platform. 

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The main parts to explore in the MyGDaaS Management Portal are: 

Navigation bar (yellow): In the yellow selection, you’ll find the menu items related to our main features. Only administrator can see these menu items. Click on the item below to read the more detailed FAQ items:


  • Dashboard: The dashboard gives you a quick overview of all resources available. 
  • Customers: You can overview, create and manage all your customers. This menu item is only available to our Partners.
  • Users: Here you’ll see a list of all your users. You can also add/edit/delete users and their assigned desktops. To have a better understanding of this item, please visit the FAQ page about Create and assign a user
  • Projects: Projects are self-contained environments within your customer tenant. Within such project you can create users, desktops, servers and manage their specific network details. 
  • Desktops: From here you can launch assigned desktops and manage (startup, shutdown, restart) your own desktop(s). Unlike the other items, this menu item is available to all users.
  • Servers: This menu item gives an overview to your deployed servers. From here you can deploy new servers or manage your existing servers. 
  • Blueprints: Before you can deploy a desktop to your user, you'll need at least one desktop type deployed with at least a capacity set to one. To do this, you'll need to deploy a blueprint. You can choose the capacity and change the billing schedule. 
  • Settings: From here admins can find account settings like billing, default settings for your tenant, …

Burn rate (blue): Admins can get a quick overview on how many credits there are still available and how many they are using. The hourly usage is an estimate based on two days of use. From you can click through to the billing details.

Profile settings (red): Here you can change your personal profile settings. This menu item is available to all users.


Get started with your own MyGDaaS virtual Desktop today!

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