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MyGDaaS TCO Calculator

Posted by Tine Vyvey on Dec 4, 2017
Tine Vyvey


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Cloudalize is the developer of the MyGDaaS platform: a GPU-powered virtual desktop solution that brings instant flexibility, mobility, speed of execution, and ease of use. When using the MyGDaaS platform you no longer need to invest in expensive on-premises hardware. In order to make a valid comparison between a physical or a virtual infrastructure, it is necessary to have a clear view on your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Therefore, MyGDaaS recently developed a TCO calculator to let you calculate the costs of buying and maintaining your on-premises IT environment (your existing traditional workstations) and compare it with having a Desktop-as-a Service (DaaS) cloud computer. 

TCO factors

TCO is a very important practice for most companies and forces you to consider the diverse expenses. The TCO calculator is a measuring tool for evaluating the direct, indirect, and hidden costs and benefits. These are the factors that we include in our TCO calculation:

Hardware purchase cost

The first costs to be included in TCO are the direct costs linked to purchasing the hardware required for an on-premises solution related to its lifetime (usually a 4-year period for an entry-level device and a 6-year period for a light device). Other directs costs can range from your actual servers to the server room where you store them. 

Hardware maintenance cost

Next to the purchase cost, there are also indirect costs related to owning hardware: installation, deployment, usage, upgrades, maintenance etc. Don’t forget to also include paying the salaries for your IT staff. With a desktop in the cloud, the cloud provider takes care of all those things so your IT staff can focus on other tasks. In general, the average maintenance cost for a MyGDaaS cloud workstation per year is 50% of the cost of a traditional workstation.


Hardware energy cost

Other indirect costs also include floor or rack space, electricity, and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) in the server room. Adopting a cloud-based solution means that the cloud provider takes care of the energy costs of running the IT environment. In short, MyGDaaS provides a cloud-based energy-effective solution.

IT-related productivity loss cost

Any hidden costs such as loss in productivity, IT downtime, and disaster recovery can add up. When using a cloud solution, you don’t have those costs. In general, when working with a traditional workstation, the time loss due to IT inefficiencies is ca. 14 minutes per working day of 8 hours.


Virtual desktop cost

To compare your in-house solution with a cloud solution, we included the costs of a subscription for a MyGDaaS virtual desktop. In this subscription, the costs for purchasing and maintaining hardware, software, and facilities are included. MyGDaaS cloud-based solution pays for the software licenses and data centers, servers, storage, and network costs. In addition, we are responsible for the costs involved in regularly updating our servers conform to industry standards. 


Cost savings isn't the only factor to consider when calculating TCO

As described above, the benefits of cloud computing include many measurable cost savings. However, organizations should also include the many other benefits the MyGDaaS solution brings:

  • Having a support team stand by for faster deployment and to react much more faster and effectively to changes in the business.
  • MyGDaaS is an easy, scalable, and flexible product that supports your business needs and growth.
  • You get instant access to your (heavy) files and applications from anywhere, at any time and through any device. This increases the ability to work remotely and simplifies the adoption of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies.
  • Implementing cloud computing solutions also includes data storage in a safe and secured Tier 3+ data center. In other words, your data will be the safest it can be. 
  • There is also a time efficiency factor when calculating TCO. For example, when moving to a cloud computer, you don't have the waste your time on administration and updating the infrastructure. Organizations are up and running in less time as they don't need to acquire, install, and test the infrastructure. 
  • There is no hassle anymore of managing a heavy and complex IT infrastructure networks or VPN’s because of the intuitive MyGDaaS management portal. You don't even have to pay the System Administrator for doing the work, because it's all included in the price of your cloud workstation. 


MyGDaaS TCO calculator: Understanding the bigger picture

To make it easier for you to compare all these costs above, we created a TCO calculator so you'll be able to make a valid total cost of ownership and a comparison of purchasing and maintaining an on-premises infrastructure and a virtual cloud environment.

Would you like to know if you can lower the costs of your traditional workstation? With our TCO calculator you can do the math yourself and make the right decision for your business. Simply provide a brief description of your IT set-up and our TCO calculator will help you have a good grasp on your numbers. Go to our free cloud cost estimator here and get an instant report.

 Go to the TCO Calculator

Do you have any questions regarding the TCO calculator or MyGDaaS in general? Contact us via the chat available on the website or via the contact form and we will answer all your questions. 

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