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SketchUp on MyGDaaS

Tine Vyvey     -    April 27, 2018


MyGDaaS offers powerful virtual desktops that allows graphic-intensive applications such as SketchUp to be accessed instantly, anytime and on any device. Here's an overview of how users of SketchUp can take benefit of using powerful GPU's of MyGDaaS. 

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Topics: Cloud Computing, AEC, CAD, SketchUp

Cloud computing for BIM courses and CAD training

Tine Vyvey     -    February 22, 2018

With MyGDaaS, it becomes very easy for trainers and CAD training centers to give BIM and CAD courses. MyGDaaS cloud computing offers a lightweight solution to deploy the infrastructure necessary to power the learning environments expected today.

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Topics: BIM, Cloud Computing, Revit, CAD, Testimonials, MyGDaaS, CAD training

3 IT-related ways to design faster

Andreea Arcaleanu     -    March 29, 2018

Are you overwhelmed with projects and ideas, and do you have the feeling you are running out of time? Do you already have great time management and planning skills, clarity over your customer's requirements and lots of ideas in your head, but you still don't manage to finish everything on time? One of the options that is left for you is to start designing faster. And as creativity cannot be rushed, we have found three other ways that will considerably speed up your work.

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Topics: BIM, Cloud Computing, AEC, CAD, GDaaS, MyGDaaS

Did You Say "BIM Coordination"?

Brett Goodchild     -    July 31, 2016

Stop using the term BIM coordination

I suggest that we do away with the term “BIM Coordination”. Not only does it focus attention on Building Information Modeling (BIM) exclusively, but the term also implies that only certain qualified individuals can perform this function.

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Topics: BIM, CAD

Using Windows CAD Apps on Mac

Daan Moreels     -    June 3, 2016

Running Revit on Mac?

As many of you problably know, Apps like Autodesk Revit don't run on Mac OS. This is a problem in case of collaborations with other companies (joint ventures) where the Windows App (like Revit) is the norm. As a result, Mac workstations cannot be used. 

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Topics: Cloud Computing, CAD, Product demo

Using cloud-based workstations with Revit - user testimonial

Daan Moreels     -    July 4, 2016

Collaboration in virtual teams 


Effective collaboration in multi-disciplinary teams remains a challenge in civil engineering and construction disciplines. Especially when joint ventures or temporary projects across different countries must be quickly set up and modified.

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Topics: BIM, Cloud Computing, AEC, CAD

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