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The Value of Cloud Computing for Real Estate Players

Maxim Greant     -    March 16, 2018
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Topics: BIM, Cloud Computing, GDaaS, MyGDaaS, Real estate

5 ways to reduce costs in a collaborative BIM project via cloud computing

Maxim Greant     -    January 4, 2018

Last years, more than ever, many AEC companies got involved in temporary joint-ventures with multiple partners for collaborative construction projects. This trend has been amplified with today’s strong focus on, and acceptance of, BIM implementation. 

This BIM-adoption in the AEC industry has forced many companies to cope with this new collaboration challenge and to face the barriers and constraints related to this trend. One of these, the technical barriers, can be tackled using cloud computing and has been discussed in this previous blogpost.

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Topics: BIM, Cloud Computing, AEC, GDaaS, MyGDaaS

3 IT-related ways to design faster

Andreea Arcaleanu     -    April 10, 2018

Are you overwhelmed with projects and ideas, and do you have the feeling you are running out of time? Do you already have great time management and planning skills, clarity over your customer's requirements and lots of ideas in your head, but you still don't manage to finish everything on time? One of the options that is left for you is to start designing faster. And as creativity cannot be rushed, we have found three other ways that will considerably speed up your work.

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Topics: BIM, Cloud Computing, AEC, CAD, GDaaS, MyGDaaS

Cloud GPU power is an AEC game-changer (part 2)

Benny Willen     -    October 6, 2016

In our series’ first blog post, we looked at both cloud GPU power categories – Graphics Virtualization, and High Performance Computing (HPC). We explored the five major advantages that cloud GPU brings over local GPU power.

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Topics: Cloud Computing, GPU, AEC, GPU DaaS

Cloud GPU Graphics: The Next Innovation (part 1)

Benny Willen     -    September 28, 2016


Cloud GPU power is one of the most disruptive technological innovations of our time. Recent advances in such technologies as Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality (VR/AR) and deep learning, in particular, introduce a plethora of opportunities for the way people conduct their businesses. According to the world’s largest cloud GPU software company, NVIDIA,  the impact of deep learning, a machine-learning method that is used for pattern recognition, is equivalent to that of the internet or the mobile revolution. 

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Topics: Cloud Computing, AEC, GPU DaaS

Why We Must Dematerialize End-User Computing

Daan Moreels     -    September 20, 2016

We can all have more – much more – by having less. The secret is dematerialization, a simple concept backed by some of the smartest minds on the planet. Peter Diamantis, CEO of XPRIZE and founder of Singularity University, talks about the “dematerialization and demonetization of the products and services we know today” in his book “Abundance”. Bill Joy, cofounder of Sun Microsystems, describes dematerialization as “a radical decrease in footprint size for a great many of the items we use in our lives”. 

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Topics: Cloud Computing, virtualization

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