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Explore MyGDaaS Management Platform with our interactive demo!

Tine Vyvey     -    January 31, 2018


Our interactive demo is here! Starting today, you can explore the MyGDaaS Management Platform on your own with our brand new interactive demo. 

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Topics: MyGDaaS, Product demo

Create multiple virtual projects in MyGDaaS

Jan Festjens     -    April 21, 2017

After learning how to create users and virtual servers, we now want to go into the next step. How to make sure a specific set of resources is only accessible for a specific group of users.

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Topics: GDaaS features, What is GDaaS?, Product demo

MyGDaaS comes with servers for your workstations

Jan Festjens     -    April 21, 2017

Now that you’ve learned how to set up a workstation on MyGDaaS platform, it’s time to see how easy it is to add a server (or more) to the mix. There are many cases when you might need to add extra servers – think about having a database, application or a licence server. Anything, except for a file server, as for every workstation with a Team or Enterprise subscription we have included 5 to 10 GB of shared drive storage. And from there on you can easily increase this capacity, if needed.

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Topics: GDaaS, servers, GPU, MyGDaaS, Product demo, GDaaS features

MyGDaaS sneak peak at DCW 2016

Andreea Arcaleanu     -    October 26, 2016

These days we are at Digital Construction Week 2016 in London showcasing for the first time the  management console for GDaaS, MyGDaaS™.

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Topics: BIM, GDaaS, Product demo, AEC

Using Windows CAD Apps on Mac

Daan Moreels     -    August 1, 2016

Running Revit on Mac?

As many of you problably know, Apps like Autodesk Revit don't run on Mac OS. This is a problem in case of collaborations with other companies (joint ventures) where the Windows App (like Revit) is the norm. As a result, Mac workstations cannot be used. 

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Topics: Cloud Computing, CAD, Product demo

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