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MyGDaaS TCO Calculator

Tine Vyvey     -    December 4, 2017


Cloudalize is the developer of the MyGDaaS platform: a GPU-powered virtual desktop solution that brings instant flexibility, mobility, speed of execution, and ease of use. When using the MyGDaaS platform you no longer need to invest in expensive on-premises hardware. In order to make a valid comparison between a physical or a virtual infrastructure, it is necessary to have a clear view on your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Therefore, MyGDaaS recently developed a TCO calculator to let you calculate the costs of buying and maintaining your on-premises IT environment (your existing traditional workstations) and compare it with having a Desktop-as-a Service (DaaS) cloud computer. 

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Topics: Cloud Computing, MyGDaaS, TCO, Total Cost of Ownership

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