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Windows for macOS users

Tine Vyvey     -    November 23, 2017

Windows is still the dominant operating system, especially in businesses. That means there may be times when you need to run Windows programs on Mac. By using a Windows desktop in the cloud, you are able to work anywhere on an Apple device such as a MacBook pro or iMac. Therefore, you don’t need clunky Windows emulators or expensive Windows virtualization software for Mac anymore.
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Topics: Cloud Computing, virtualization, MyGDaaS, Mac, Windows

Workspaces of the future (part 3)

Benny Willen     -    January 4, 2018

In the third post of our series, we will explore the vision underlying cloud GPU power  -- how it enables direct streaming to VR/AR end-point devices, how Intelligent Personal Assistants can work with VR/AR technologies and, with the emergence of such cloud GPU platforms as GDaaS, how this will impact the AEC industry that is moving to 100% BIM and 3D collaboration.  If you’ve missed our first and second posts, download the e-book that contains the three blog posts here.

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Topics: BIM, AEC, Revit, virtualization, DaaS

Why We Must Dematerialize End-User Computing

Daan Moreels     -    September 20, 2016

We can all have more – much more – by having less. The secret is dematerialization, a simple concept backed by some of the smartest minds on the planet. Peter Diamantis, CEO of XPRIZE and founder of Singularity University, talks about the “dematerialization and demonetization of the products and services we know today” in his book “Abundance”. Bill Joy, cofounder of Sun Microsystems, describes dematerialization as “a radical decrease in footprint size for a great many of the items we use in our lives”. 

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Cloudalize Press Release: Mobile World Congress 2016

Daan Moreels     -    March 1, 2016

Press Release: MOBILE World Congress 2016 – Startups – Cloud Computing

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Nvidia Webinar: GPU-Powered Cloud Desktop Platforms Enable Real-time Collaboration

Daan Moreels     -    February 15, 2016

Cloudalize was invited by Nvidia to give a Webinar about how GPU-powered cloud desktop platforms enable real-time collaboration in manufacturing-, engineering- and construction industries. 

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Topics: Nvidia, BIM, Cloud Computing, GPU, virtualization, CAD

3-min live demo: Instant real-time BIM cloud collaboration via cloud-based workstations

Daan Moreels     -    December 15, 2015

This video is the short version of the demo that we gave during the Revit Technology Conference. Check the full 30-min session here.

In this video we demonstrate live in less than 3 minutes how graphics-accelerated cloud desktops enable real-time BIM and instant mobility for power users. 

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Topics: BIM, Cloud Computing, GPU, AEC, GPU DaaS, Revit, virtualization, DaaS, CAD

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