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Your Questions: All about projects

Tine Vyvey     -    May 17, 2018


In this blog post, we are going deeper into the tab 'Projects' of MyGDaaS platform. We address when you need to use 'Projects', how you can use it and what are the best practices.

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Topics: MyGDaaS, Your Questions

Your Questions: What about my licenses?

Tine Vyvey     -    April 24, 2018


In our new blog post, we address the most frequently asked questions about the activation of licenses in MyGDaaS. 

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Topics: MyGDaaS, Your Questions, licenses

Your Questions: Connecting via receiver or browser?

Tine Vyvey     -    January 18, 2018


In this blog post, we address the two possibilities to connect to the MyGDaaS platform, their advantages, disadvantages and how to switch between these two.

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Topics: MyGDaaS, connectivity, Your Questions

Your Questions: Becoming a MyGDaaS customer

Maxim Greant     -    December 14, 2017


In this blog post, we address the most frequently asked questions about becoming a MyGDaaS customer.

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Topics: Your Questions, MyGDaaS

Your Questions: Revit on Mac

Maxim Greant     -    November 14, 2017
Here are some of your questions related to the topic of using Revit on Mac OS.

Q: Is it possible to use Autodesk Revit on Mac with MyGDaaS?
A: Yes, while using the MyGDaaS platform, you will get access to a fully pre-installed and pre-configured Windows 10 environment, running on any device, including your Mac. All without consuming any of the performance of your local device and avoiding the annoying blowing noise and battery drain that comes with it. You have full administrative rights to install any software on your virtual machine or cloud computer.

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Topics: Revit, Mac, MyGDaaS, MyGDaaS Trial, Your Questions

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