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Update: New credit packs and better deals for you

Posted by Tine Vyvey on Jan 2, 2018
Tine Vyvey


We are excited to announce new credit packs you can choose from, starting from a credit package of 25 credits. We have also added some great deals when you buy larger credit packs.

How does the pricing on MyGDaaS works?

Pricing consists of two main parts: subscription cost + prepaid usage cost according to performance and usage.

  1. Choose a subscription package and pay the monthly fixed subscription cost 
  2. Top-up your account with credits and use your prepaid credits from your account according to the chosen performance and according to a monthly or hourly usage model:
    a. Choose the performance of your workstation
    b. Choose an hourly or monthly usage model


1. Subscription cost (fixed)

You pay a monthly fixed subscription cost for your workstation. This mainly covers all kinds of costs to update and maintain the workstation (from Windows licenses up to the Operating System). One subscription gives you access to one workstation and multiple features.

Choose a subscription Package

You can choose between three subscription packages: Single User, Team and Enterprise. You can switch between subscriptions at anytime as described in this article.

For example: if you are in a team of 10 people that all need their own workstation being able to work simultaneously on 10 different workstations, you’ll have to go for 10 Team Subscriptions.


2. Prepaid usage cost (pay-per-performance & fixed or pay-per-use)

Now that you have chosen a subscription, let’s have a look at the usage cost.

MyGDaaS is a pay-per-performance (the higher the performance model, the higher the credit burn rate) and fixed (monthly model) or pay-per-use (hourly model: the more hours you use, the more credits you pay) platform. 

Top-up your account with credits

MyGDaaS works with a prepaid payment method. Before you can start working with your workstation,  you’ll need to top-up your account with credits (1 credit = 1€). As you’ll start using our platform and resources, you’ll start ‘burning’ these prepaid credits. Compare it with a pre-paid GSM card: buy credits and use them by making phone calls. 

a. Choose the performance of your workstation 

How many credits you will use depends on how much you will use your desktop and the chosen performance model. A more performant model uses more resources and, as a consequence, will burn more credits. More information about the type of performance models can be found here.

b. Choose an hourly or monthly usage model

You can choose between an hourly or a monthly model:

  • With the monthly model you have unlimited access to your cloud desktop. No matter of the amount of hours you use your workstation, the price is a fixed monthly fee you pay on top of the fixed subscription package. This model is usually used by companies that need workstations to run algorithms 24/7 or that want to have certainty about pricing.
  • The hourly model is a system where credits will be deducted every started hour. Please note that every session on your desktop is billed as an hour, even if it's powered on for only 5 minutes. Moreover, your unused credits won’t expire. Left-over credits from a previous project, can be used for your current project without any time limit. 

    For example: If you choose a GDaaS M602 workstation and pick an hourly model, you will burn 0.89 credits per hour (1 credit is 1 euro). The pricing consists of a monthly subscription cost (for example a single user cost of 9.99 credits) for your workstation and the cost for using your workstation. If you buy a credit package of 25 credits, you will have 15.01 credits left (25 credits - 9.99 credits) and you can use this workstation for about 17 hours until you need to top-up your account again with another credit package of equal or more than 25 credits. Do not worry if you don't use all your 15.01 credits in the same month, as your credits don't expire. But be aware that you'll need to pay the subscription cost of 9.99 credits every month.

    Read more about changing the billing schedule here


Our philosophy is all about being as transparent as possible regarding our pricing and credit burn rate. Instead of warning people about abusive usage, we prefer to pro-actively avoid this issues. Therefore, we developed an automated shutdown tool, to avoid virtual machines burning credits in the back end without our customer being aware. Read more about this feature here.


Credit packs

You can pop-up credits starting from a credit package of 25 credits. This gives you the opportunity to explore the platform first before buying a larger bulk of credits. All our prices are to be found on the pricing page of our website. Note that the listed prices are excluding VAT.

Discounts may apply for larger credit packs and long term upfront payments. The more credits you buy, the better the deal you get depending on the type of subscriptions. Hypothetical, if you buy a credit package of 1000 credits, you can get more than 20 credits for free. That is why customers tend to buy more credits then necessary for one single project as discounts apply for bigger bulks. 

If you’d like to make a simulation of the monthly price of the desktops you need, feel free to contact sales.

Sign up and get started with your own MyGDaaS virtual Desktop here:

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