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Posted by Tine Vyvey on Mar 8, 2018
Tine Vyvey


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In this blog post we address how you can connect to MyGDaaS and how you can check the quality of your connection.

Supported countries

Our brand new data center is located in London, United Kingdom. The data center benefits from increased performance thanks to its central location on a major central internet hub. As you can see on the image above, it covers the entire European continent, and from New York to Moscow. 

One of the determining factors for end-user acceptance is the responsiveness of the system to the user’s interaction. For this, the network latency is the determining factor. To obtain a good response, the latency should ideally be below 60 ms to guarantee an excellent experience. As long as the latency stays under 100 ms the user experience is acceptable and workable.

Please note that, depending on what you use MyGDaaS for, latency might not be an issue (e.g.: Deep learning algorithms). Contact sales to learn more about the connectivity possibilities for your specific use case. 


Connect to MyGDaaS with Wi-Fi

A big advantage of MyGDaaS is that you don't need a cable connection to connect to your virtual desktop. Any Wi-Fi connection will do to connect to our data center, as long as there is sufficient bandwidth (upload/download) and the connection is stable (see below).


Connect to MyGDaaS with a 3G/LTE connection

MyGDaaS allows you to access your desktop anywhere. This also means that you can access MyGDaaS with a 3G connection. For low latency applications we suggest to use LTE (4G).


Acceptable speed and latency values

Don't forget to go to to measure your speed and latency to our data center.

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After the test is complete, four values will appear: Download, Upload, Latency and Jitter.

  • Download (megabits). If your download speed is > 10 Mbit/s you have a decent enough speed.
  • Upload (megabits). If your upload speed is > 10 Mbit/s you have a proper connection with our data center.
  • Latency (milliseconds). Latency is the average ping speed. If your latency < 60 ms you have a strong latency, if it is between 60 ms and 150 ms you have a weak latency, if it is > 150 ms you have a poor latency.
  • Jitter (milliseconds). Jitter is the deviation of latency. When Jitter is unstable it will have a negative effect on your experience. You have a decent Jitter if it is < 10ms and if it is stable.

If you want to know more about how to connect via a browser or via the Citrix receiver in the MyGDaaS platform, you can read our blog Your Questions: Connecting via receiver or browser?


Get started with MyGDaaS

Did you get good results on the speed test? Sign up and connect to MyGDaaS today! 

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