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Your Questions: Becoming a MyGDaaS customer

Posted by Maxim Greant on Oct 12, 2017
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sign up banner desk.jpgIn this blog post, we address the most frequently asked questions about becoming a MyGDaaS customer.

Q: What is the minimum purchase to start with?
Depending on the subscription, you can pop up credits in bulks of 25 credits, 50 credits (basic subscription) or 250 credits (team subscription). Note that credits won’t be lost as they don’t expire. Left-over credits from a previous project, can be used for your current project without any time limit. That is why customers tend to buy more credits then necessary for one single project as discounts apply for bigger bulks. Contact sales if you want more information about this topic.

Q: Is there a minimum contract period?
No. Using contracts during the signup process is a well-known way to lock-in and tie customers to your product. However, this does not align with our values to create a platform enabling freedom and bringing flexibility for any graphical user. Except for the terms and conditions there is no obligation on the duration of your customer account.

Q: How long does it take to set up my account?
Setting up an account is an instant and fully automated process. After signing up a customer account, you’ll need to validate your credit card to upload credits on your account and to start deploying and using your workstation. The first deployment might take up to 15 minutes.

Q: What subscription should I take?
The platform comes with three types of subscriptions, each with their specific features:

  1. For single users, I would recommend using the Basic subscription.
  2. For multiple users, I would recommend using the Team subscription as this will put all users within the same virtual network and comes with free shared storage.
  3. The Enterprise subscription is mostly used by users with the need of collaboration with a lot of data in multiple projects.
    You can switch between these subscriptions at any time/moment. You could start with a single user, and as your company or team starts growing, you could upgrade to a Team or Enterprise subscription instantly.

Q: What’s the lifetime of my credits?
Our credits have no expiration date, and remain available any time you would need them for your next project our collaboration. This is the reason wy customers sometimes buy more credits then necessary for one single project as discounts apply for bigger bulks. Contact sales for more information.

Q: How do I pop-up credits on my account?
To upload credits on your account, make sure you are logged in as administrator on
Go to Settings > Billing and make sure you have added a credit card.
Click on ‘Buy Credits’. Select the desired amount of credits and click ‘Ok’.
If you don’t have a credit card, we accept payments by wired bank transfer or PayPal.
For more info contact sales.

Q: How can I connect to my workstation?
If you want to connect to your workstations there are the three steps you’ll need to do upfront:

  1. Make sure to have enough credits on your account, or pop-up some extra credits.
  2. Deploy your workstation capacity.
    Go to Blueprint, Click on the performance model, Click on Deploy
    This process might take up to 15 minutes for the first deploy only.
  3. Assign your workstation.
    Go to User > Desktops and activate your workstation

Q: What are the set-up or entry costs?
The MyGDaaS platform is a come-and-go platform. We don't charge any set-up or initiating costs. Our platform stands for freedom and bringing flexibility for any graphical user. 

Q: What are the exit costs?
Our customers are therefore not chained to a contract or commitment, no exit clauses or any costs. There are no exit costs. At Cloudalize, we don’t believe in bounding our customers through multiple clauses, and this is thus not part of our business model. Freedom and flexibility is key. Our customers remain owner of their data and work at any time, and we’ll contact the customer to download his work before deleting his account. This flexibility is one of the reasons that explain the success of our platform for temporary project-based collaborations in many markets and industries.

Q: What is the credit system and how does billing work?
Our pricing page displays prices in ‘Credits’ (1 credit = 1 excl VAT). That is because, while using our system, credits will be ‘burned’.  The burn rate depends on the performance and number of workstations or servers that are being used or consumed. Therefore, before you can start using the MyGDaaS platform, you’ll have to pop-up some credits on your account. You can compare the system with using a Skype account to make phone calls: you need to buy some prepaid credits, and you’ll start consuming this credit by making phone calls. Note that our credits never expire and remain available for you at any time. Read more about pricing here.

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