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Cloudalize will be at GTC US 2017

The most largest event of the year for GPU developers is around the corner!GTC and the GTC series of events provides computing industry players with precious trainings including artificial intelligence and deep learning, healthcare, virtual reality, accelerated analytics, and self-driving cars.

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Meet us at Realty 2017

With 7000 real estate professionals, 450 international investors and 127 exhibitors Realty is one of the most important events in property market for Belgium and Luxemburg. In just 3 days you can meet your future business partners, discover investment opportunuties and discover new trends and ideas during numerous seminars.

For meore about Realty. 

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We are so excited for TNW!

Last year TNW won the award for Best European Business Conference. This year they claim that they are going to redefine the conference experience all over again. In May 2017, 15,000 entrepreneurs, developers, marketing managers, CEOs and policymakers are visiting Europe's leading tech festival.

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Cloudalize is speaking and exhibiting at Vision 2017.

Vision 2017 is the event aimed at architects, designers, specifiers and their clients by offering industry intelligence on products, materials, trends and technology across the market. 

3 main themes of events are as follows: Material Innovations, Technological Insight and Architectural & Design Evolution. 

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Meet us at BILT!

BILT is an annual event, run in multiple regions around the globe, designed to cater to the needs of those who design, build, operate and maintain our built environment. As a community of professionals, it is dedicated to improving the way industry works together. As an educational and networking event, BILT provides a variety of opportunities to learn and share, to probe and challenge, to listen and to be heard.

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Cloudalize showcases GDaaS during Digital Construction Week 2017

Digital Construction Week is the only conference and exhibition focussed solely on industry transformation through innovation and technology. Welcoming thousands of architecture, construction, engineering and operations professionals, the exhibition and seminar programme is completely free to attend when you register in advance. 

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From Previous Events

DCW 16

At Digital Construction Week 2016 in London we were showcasing for the first time the  management console for GDaaS, MyGDaaS™. You can have a sneak peak of the demo here:

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Cloudalize and NVIDIA announce GDaaS™ (GPU Desktop-as-a-Service) Platform, the first vGPU-accelerated DaaS Platform, powered by NVIDIA TESLA M60 GRID cards delivered under the recently announced NVIDIA Cloud service provider model.

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Two Belgian tech startups, Cloudalize and Gepura,  are contributing to the future of computing. Both companies presented their flagship products during the annual Nvidia GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, Silicon Valley, California.

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RTC 2015

This video is the short version of the demo that we gave during the Revit Technology Conference.

Here, we demonstrate live in less than 3 minutes how graphics-accelerated cloud desktops enable real-time BIM and instant mobility for power users. 

RTC 2015

Ever wanted to start a BIM project with complex IT requirements?

Learn how cloud-based collaboration and cloud-based computing power, accessed on any device, anytime and anywhere can unlock the future of BIM.