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GPU-accelerated DaaS in seconds

GPU Desktop-as-a-Service (GDaaS), powered by NVIDIA GRID™, combines GPU-accelerated cloud desktops and servers that are fully 
pre-installed and pre-configured for the end-user.

Create, deploy and manage workspaces, computing resources and applications through the use of a simple, self-servicing web portal.

GDaaS platform instantly deploys GPU cloud desktops for for CAD

GPU power

When deploying a virtual desktop, choose the required performance
level powered by NVIDIA vGPU or GPU pass-through.

GDaaS offers 512 MB to 8 GB video memory.

GDaaS is GPU from the cloud for additional power
Create and manage GPU accelerated workspaces via one web portal

One platform, many clouds

Through the use of a single web portal, you can create and manage your GPU-accelerated workspaces (cloud desktops), applications, IaaS infrastructure, users and tenants.
Customize and brand your personal GDaaS portal to make sure sure that the end-users’ experience is aligned with your corporate brand's look and feel.


Deploy workspaces for development, training and temporary projects in mere minutes. Choose a cloud desktop model based on your selected use for a certain period of time: only pay for what you use.

GDaaS is pay per use. Only pay for the computing resources you need.
GDaaS Platform is multi tenant. Private network for each tenant.


GDaaS is a multi-tenant platform, so you can separate each project, customer or department and nest infinite levels of tenants. For each tenant you can customize branding and set up security rules, configuring blueprints for quick deployment, and much more.

Quickly scale up or down

Add resources instantly if your project grows.

Is one of your projects about to end? No problem, you are in control. Easily scale up or down by adding or removing users via your control panel.

GDaaS app store is instant CAD, CAE, GIS in the cloud

Custom blueprints

Use a sandbox desktop to create custom blueprints (templates) for groups of users with specific application needs. The GDaaS app store injects selected applications into the users’ workspaces, making them immediately available. Rolling out a new version of an application is easy.


Your data, desktops and servers are not in just another public cloud. The GDaaS Platform is built for privacy and security. You can enable two-factor authentication for your cloud desktop, making sure only you can access it.

GDaaS GPU cloud desktops secured in the private cloud

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Step 1

Deploy GPU-accelerated cloud desktops, step 1 Create

Create new user

Choose a cloud desktop blueprint

Add computing resources

Add applications

Step 2

Deploy GPU-accelerated cloud desktops, step 2 Deploy

Click on "deploy"

Step 3

Deploy GPU-accelerated cloud desktops, step 3 Work

New user receives credentials

Install more apps (if needed)

Start working on any device

Buy Now

The Cloudalize GPU Desktop-as-a Service (GDaas) powered by NVIDIA GRID is one of the first offerings from our CSP Program. For our partners looking to immediately deliver GPU-accelerated cloud desktops and servers, joining the Cloudalize partner program provides exclusive, early access to the platform. With GDaaS, partners gain a seamless, white-labled platform that comes pre-installed and configured so their customers can get up and running quickly.

Matthew McGrigg of Global Cloud Alliances at NVIDIA

Cloudalize quickly became the preferred solution for us because of its immediate availability and simple interface, incomparable cost effectiveness on a monthly basis and zero upfront CAPEX. In addition, a direct and enthusiastic contact with the people behind the operation was at once enlightening and reassuring. We tested GDaaS in multiple locations, and the performance has far outstripped the more traditional remote desktops we were trying to use for 3D designs and general office synchronicity.

Peter Culley CEO Spatial Affairs Bureau

Luciad’s partnership with Cloudalize enables our customers to deliver dynamic situational awareness applications to their users anywhere, anytime and on any platform, By using Cloudalize’s GPU-accelerated GDaaS platform, users can interact with rich 3D geospatial graphics and powerful analytics on any device.

Marc Melviez CEO of Luciad

The first things I tested on the cloud desktop was responsiveness and performance of the applications: no difference compared with my traditional workstation.

Karl van Nieuwenhuyse BIM coordinator at Willemen Construction group

Cloudalize’s GDaaS offering has helped NVIDIA GRID™ make an impact at defence and security industry events by enabling us to demonstrate application-ready virtual machines on the show floor.

Alastair Houston Business Development Manager at NVIDIA

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