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Distribute Your 3D Visual via the Cloud

Multiple graphical software developers and designers are looking for ways to distribute their high-end 3D visuals and demanding graphical applications to anyone, anywhere and on any device while maintaining a high degree of details.


However, the performance of any demanding application is restricted to the user's hardware, and therefore they can't guarantee the best user experience.


  • Our Solution 


With MyGDaaS (Desktop as a Service) virtual computing you can stream any 3D software anywhere, on any device.

Get your ArchVis or Architectural Visualization, virtual showroom, 3D model, interactive virtual real estate walkthrough, and photorealistic configurator software in the cloud and benefit from fast, high performance cloud computing.

Easily integrate photorealistic 3D rendering and 3D visualization in any web based or desktop application using the power of our cloud SaaS app. 

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Your Application in the Cloud



  • 24/7 accessible cloud hosted service

  • Work remotely: Showcase your virtualization at users’ homes

  • Real time computing with your virtual Desktop

  • Easy to use


High performance

  • Fast and reliable vGPU application hosting

  • Cutting-edge technology to design robust private secure cloud environment

  • Instant cloud version of your software without the need to rewrite a single line of code

  • Quick deployment of demo and training seats



  • No hardware, support, and maintenance costs

  • White label available: multi-tenant partner web portal enables reseller and sub reseller chains

  • End users and workers have instant access to the latest version of your software

  • No need for any local 3D hardware or software, or plugins installation

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