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MyGDaaS has all the (GPU) performance you need for 3D rendering and modeling, VFX, image and video editing

By using MyGDaaS (GPU Desktop-as-a-Service) you get a personal workstation from the cloud so you can create or render your digital content on heavy graphics design software.

You can run the workstation by using any web browser on any device connected to the internet.

Freedom to work everywhere with MyGDaaS


Freedom to work everywhere


Creativity just doesn’t come with a schedule and thus, the traditional 8-hour working day might not be the way you work. As a content creator, you need full flexibility in terms of time and location to do your job.

With a powerful virtual work space you can work at co-working spaces, client offices, home or any other place with an internet connection.

Your computer is "always on", so you can pick your work wherever you left off, no matter where you are.

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Peak performance - always evergreen


MyGDaaS comes with performance.

The MyGDaaS cloud platform can quickly provide up to 10 CPU's, 64 GB RAM and 8 GB GPU RAM in one virtual workspace, including CUDA support. This will blaze you through special effects, the most demanding filters and real-time rendering, wherever you are.  

Moreover, your cloud workstation is always kept up-to-date, so no more upgrading or updating needed.

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Collaboration in a secure environment


Collaborating on the same projects becomes even more secure.

Since your workstation resides in the cloud, access to central project files is quick and allows collaboration with other project members in real-time. How? Workstations in the cloud connect via Gigabit connections vs Megabit at home. 

Your data is secure (encrypted, authenticated, virus protected) and safe from being lost or stolen. 

Try MyGDaaS virtual workspaces for yourself

We strongly advise you to first check the quality of your connection to our London (UK) datacenter via

Pay-per-use and pay-per-performance


Standard - M604

8 CPUs

4 GB Video GPU

200 GB HD



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Pro - M608

CUDA support

10 CPUs


8 GB Video GPU

400 GB HD


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