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Cloudalize and NVIDIA launch cloud GPU powered collaborative workspaces starting at 0,29€/hr., setting a new standard for cloud-based collaboration

Posted by Andreea Arcaleanu on Sept 27, 2016

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS: Cloudalize and NVIDIA announce GDaaS™ (GPU Desktop-as-a-Service) Platform, the first vGPU-accelerated DaaS Platform, powered by NVIDIA TESLA M60 GRID cards delivered under the recently announced NVIDIA Cloud service provider model.

Cloudalize’ s industry leading management console radically simplifies the provisioning and deployment of the most powerful virtual workspaces via the GDaaS Platform. With GDaaS™, anyone can instantly setup collaborative workspaces through a fully automated portal getting results in minutes.



Benny Willen CEO Cloudalize comments:
“With the Cloudalize GDaaS Platform launch, cloud GPU powered collaborative workspaces starting at 0,29€/hr have become a reality thanks to NVIDIA GRID CSP. Engineers, designers and architects in geographically dispersed teams can now truly collaborate with CAD, CAE, 3D, GIS or any other graphics-intensive applications anytime, anywhere, on any device. For the first time ever, cloud vGPU profiles ensure that users only pay for the amount of GPU power they need. This is more than 10X more cost effective versus having to take a whole GPU chip in pass-through mode. Instant self-provisioned deployment through a fully automated web portal, zero CAPEX, 5 different performance profiles and a monthly or hourly billing model offer great value to GPU accelerated users in the Architecture Engineering and Construction sector.”

Peter Culley CEO Spatial Affairs Bureau, a global architecture company and GDaaS customer comments:
“We compared the Cloudalize offer to different alternatives such as IT providers proposing to build a bespoke VDI solution in the cloud. Cloudalize quickly became the preferred solution for us because of its immediate availability and simple interface, incomparable cost effectiveness on a monthly basis and zero upfront CAPEX. In addition, a direct and enthusiastic contact with the people behind the operation was at once enlightening and reassuring. The other options either required hefty upfront consultancy fees to build a VDI solution for us along with ongoing IT management and / or a jump into the dark for appropriate processing speed workspaces. We tested GDaaS in multiple locations, and the performance has far outstripped the more traditional remote desktops we were trying to use for 3D designs and general office synchronicity. We decided to adopt GDaaS in the course of just 2 weeks based on these factors.”

GDaaS™ provides a wide choice of performance optimized cloud workstation configurations, made accessible by using all virtualization options on the newest NVIDIA GRID™ cards.

NVIDIA GRID™ is a graphics virtualization platform that extends the power of NVIDIA GPU technology to virtual desktops and apps. It delivers an immersive, high-quality user experience for everyone from designers to mobile professionals to office workers. NVIDIA GRID technology lets IT tap into a powerful graphics-accelerated cloud solution to centralize apps and data, with virtual workspaces that offer improved security, productivity, and cost-efficiency.

Matthew McGrigg, Global Strategic Cloud Alliances NVIDIA comments:
“The Cloudalize GDaaS and NVIDIA GRID CSP launch announcements underpin the NVIDIA vision to consume GPU from wherever the customer chooses. Maximizing their flexibility about where, when and how they work. Furthermore, it is enhancing corporations existing owned infrastructure by allowing to burst to the Cloud when in need of flexible or incremental graphical capacity.”

GDaaS™ Beta will be available as of 18 November 2016 and is tailored to be delivered through channel partners such as managed service providers, software vendors and system integrators. Partners can use and resell the GDaaS™ Platform under their own brand (white label).
Apply for a free trial at www.gdaas.com.


About Cloudalize

Cloudalize has developed the industry-leading GPU-accelerated Desktop-as-a-Service platform, called GDaaS, which radically simplifies the deployment of the most powerful virtual workspaces, including high-end applications. Anyone can instantly setup collaborative workspaces through a fully automated portal. GDaaS is designed to be marketed through channel partners such as software vendors, service providers, telecoms and system integrators. www.cloudalize.com



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Cloudalize and Luciad join forces to offer powerful geospatial apps in the cloud

Posted by Daan Moreels on Mar 3, 2016

BELGIUM – Luciad, developer of geospatial situational awareness products, and Cloudalize, developer of the GPU virtual desktop platform GDaaS, have joined forces to create a new disruptive cloud service: delivering powerful 3D geospatial applications instantly through the cloud.

“Luciad’s partnership with Cloudalize enables our customers to deliver dynamic situational awareness applications to their users anywhere, anytime and on any platform,” said Marc Melviez, CEO of Luciad.

“By using Cloudalize’s GPU-accelerated GDaaS platform, users can interact with rich 3D geospatial graphics and powerful analytics on any device.”

Cloudalize’s GDaaS platform allows users to work with their geospatial data sets in real-time on lightweight devices, while Cloudalize’s servers do all the heavy processing.

Luciad’s flagship product LuciadLightspeed is pre-installed on the GDaaS App store. If you are interested in trying LuciadLightspeed in the cloud, join the Early Access Program atwww.gdaas.com.


About Luciad:

Luciad’s software components enable the creation of interactive situational awareness applications. By connecting directly to data sources and processing data in-memory without pre-processing, Luciad’s software analyzes and visualizes events in real-time, allowing users to act quickly and safely. “Connect, visualize, analyze, act” is both our method and our motto. www.luciad.com

About Cloudalize

Cloudalize has developed the industry-leading GPU-accelerated Desktop-as-a-Service platform, called GDaaS, which radically simplifies the deployment of the most powerful virtual workspaces, including high-end applications. Anyone can instantly setup collaborative workspaces through a fully automated portal, which makes it as easy as creating a Facebook account. GDaaS is designed to be marketed through channel partners such as software vendors, service providers, telecoms and system integrators. www.cloudalize.com

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Cloudalize Tech Partnership

Posted by Daan Moreels on Mar 3, 2016

03 maart 2016

Belgische technogiebedrijven Cloudalize en Luciad sluiten strategisch partnership voor innovatieve geo-visualisatie toepassingen in de cloud.

Luciad, ontwikkelaar van geo-visualisatie software in 2D & 3D voor toepassingen in o.a. de luchtvaartsector, gaat samenwerken met Cloudalize. Deze laatste ontwikkelde het GDaaS virtual desktop platform, waarmee dergelijke grafisch zware toepassingen van op gelijk welk toestel via het internet toegankelijk worden.

Samen leveren ze krachtige 3D geo-visualisatie toepassingen die onmiddellijk via de cloud worden uitgerold. Deze innovatieve technologie is nuttig voor sectoren zoals defensie, (maritiem) transport, overheden, infrastructuur enzoverder.

Het cloud platform waaraan Cloudalize al jaren werkt, vervangt de traditionele zware werkstations en krijgt de naam GDaaS mee (GPU Desktop-as-a-Service). GDaaS maakt het mogelijk voor eindgebruikers om hun grafisch-intensieve geo-visualisatie datasets op lichte toestellen zoals tablets te gebruiken, terwijl de cloud servers in de datacentra het zware rekenwerk voor hun rekening nemen. Een GPU-versterkte cloud desktop is makkelijk op te zetten en via een login, onmiddellijk beschikbaar voor de eindgebruiker.

“Luciad’s partnership met Cloudalize biedt onze klanten de mogelijkheid om dynamische ‘situational awareness’ applicaties onmiddellijk, overal en op elk toestel beschikbaar te maken voor hun gebruikers,” zegt Marc Melviez, CEO van Luciad.  “Door gebruik te maken van het GDaaS platform, kunnen onze gebruikers op elk toestel interageren met geografische 3D beelden en de daaraan gekoppelde krachtige analytische tools.”

Luciad’s vlaggenschip product LuciadLightspeed staat reeds in de GDaaS App store. Geïnteresseerden kunnen een test aanvragen via www.gdaas.com


Over Luciad

Luciad, een internationaal software bedrijft met hoofdkantoor te Leuven, levert software componenten voor het ontwikkelen van geo-visualisatie applicaties. Luciad software componenten worden door klanten geïntegreerd in bedrijfskritische toepassingen in oa. de luchtvaart.

Luciad software laat gebruikers toe om data in real-time te analyseren en te visualiseren om zo een snelle en veilige beslissing te kunnen nemen.

Typische klanten zijn internationale bedrijven zoals Airbus, Boeing, EUROCONTROL, Belgocontrol, FAA, Lockheed Martin, Thales en vele anderen. www.luciad.com


Over Cloudalize

Cloudalize is voorloper op gebied van cloud computing. Hun cloud platform GDaaS Platform maakt het mogelijk om zeer snel en op eenvoudige wijze GPU-versterkte virtuele desktops op te zetten, inclusief de nodige software applicaties. Het aanmaken van virtuele grafische werkplekken voor oa. architecten, ingenieurs en ontwerpers, is qua eenvoud te vergelijken met het aanmaken van een facebook account. Het platform werd speciaal ontworpen om vermarkt te worden via channel partners zoals software-ontwikkelaars, service providers, telecom bedrijven en systeemintegratoren.www.cloudalize.com

De virtuele computers kunnen uitgetest worden, met of zonder apps (Autodesk software, Luciad software, etc..).

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IT Start-up sets new standard for cloud-based collaboration with GDaaS

Posted by Daan Moreels on Feb 19, 2016

Take your high-powered workspace with you wherever you go. Belgian technology start-up Cloudalize has recently brought the industry-leading GDaaS (GPU-accelerated Desktop-as-a-Service) to market. The technology radically simplifies the deployment of most powerful virtual workspaces, including data-hungry high-end applications.

With the launch of GDaaS, Cloudalize offers a scalable total solution for high-end cloud collaboration in engineering, design and manufacturing. GDaaS outperforms current solutions such as traditional GPU-accelerated (hosted) VDIs and reduces overall operational costs.

Anyone can set up collaborative workspaces instantly with GDaaS, using its fully automated portal, which makes it as easy as creating a Facebook account. This cutting-edge Cloud solution represents a significant step forward, as current technology and business practices require months of intensive IT expertise and significant capital investment.

Engineers, designers and architects can now truly collaborate with CAD, CAE, 3D, GIS or any other graphics-intensive applications anywhere in the world, anytime, on any device with an Internet connection.

What's more, the GDaaS platform is future proof and easily scalable. Occasional users will be able to access the platform with a pay-as-you-consume billing model. For instance, it will even be possible to "rent" a Revit workstation for just a few hours.

GDaaS has been designed to be marketed through channel partners such as software vendors, service providers, telecoms and system integrators. Partners can use and resell the GDaaS Platform under their own brand (white label). Cloudalize will showcase the GDaaS platform at Mobile World 2016 in Barcelona (booth 7G71).

"With new technologies such as GDaaS, engineers and designers can now work from anywhere, at any time, on any device”. 

Rudi Van Thienen, Revit designer 2Rebuild  


Companies can join the Early Access Program.

Sign up at www.gdaas.com or http://www.gdaas.com/partner 

Other info:

Video testimonial

Article in AEC magazine


For more information, please contact


+32 471 78 38 04

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Cloudalize breaks BIM deadlock with instant cloud deployment

Posted by Jan Festjens on Nov 17, 2015

Technology start-up Cloudalize announces TryBIM, a web-based trial that instantly deploys an IT environment for building information modelling (BIM).

Based on Cloudalize’s cloud computing platform GDaaS (GPU Desktop-as-a-Service) and powered by NVIDIA GRID™ GPUs, TryBIM combines GPU-powered virtual desktops and a Revit cloud server, all pre-installed and pre-configured for the user. For thousands of architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firms this platform offers an immediate, low-risk way to experience Cloudalize’s BIM solution first hand.

"Countries like the UK will mandate BIM for public works from 2016, so the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) industry will need to build on the progress already made – driving change and leading the transformation” explains Nathan Baker, Director of Engineering Knowledge at the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE). He added that the shift to digital engineering processes should bring uniformity, efficiency and collaboration to the building process, and increase competitiveness for ICE’s members.

Information communications technology (ICT) is a key roadblock to BIM adoption. Radically restructuring their IT infrastructure — and potentially putting time-critical deployments or international collaborations at risk — is a major challenge for many firms.

GDaaS solves this problem by instantly deploying virtual workstations in the cloud through a simple, self-servicing web portal. “Cloudalize is instantly empowering the AEC industry to deploy full ICT environments for several BIM project partners in a very flexible and cost-effective way,” explains Benny Willen, CEO and Co-founder of Cloudalize. “Now, thanks to TryBIM, firms can get hands-on with GDaaS and evaluate it for themselves.”

“Architects, engineers and designers can now access any application on any device from any location,” adds Sarah Mannion, NVIDIA GRID Senior Business Manager at NVIDIA. “The power of NVIDIA GRID graphics virtualization technology means GDaaS desktops have the ability to handle core AEC applications like Autodesk Revit without compromising application performance.”

Cloudalize and NVIDIA will showcase TryBIM live onstage at the Revit Technology Conference Europe in Budapest from Thursday 29 to Saturday 31 October, 2015. See www.RTCevents.com.

For your TryBIM trial, go to www.gdaas.com

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