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Step 1

Choose the subscription that fits your needs


€ 999

per month*


1 user


Hourly or Monthly usage*

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€ 2299

per month*


2 - 50 users


Hourly or Monthly usage*

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Platform subscription


Enterprise with > 50 users 



Get in contact with us via 

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Details per plan



Provides the following outstanding features:



Unlimited data traffic

Best in class streaming protocol up to 60 FPS


Exceptional email support during business hours

Personal Management Platform

Own virtual workstation

Personal project management

Usage reporting & control

Non-persistent desktop pool



Provides all features from Personal 


Team management Platform


Multiple users


Own (shared) virtual workstations


Multiple project management


Shared drive


Custom blueprints


Option to add other server(s)


Option to increase image disk size


Option to add a VPN Gateway


Option for domain integration with f.e. AWS and Azure



Business partner subscription for software developers and solution providers:


Stream your application from the cloud to

the outside ‘world’


‘Personal’ distributed virtual content


Concurrent based usage


Pricing is charged via a subscription per organization and a usage cost of used cloud infrastructure


Option for website integration via iframe

Step 2

Choose your workstation model

Workstation Model Name CPU RAM (GB) GPU RAM Maximum Resolution Storage (GB)
GDaaS M600
For Knowledge & Information Workers, general computing needs with improved graphics performance
2 4 512MB 2560x1600 50
GDaaS M601
For Knowledge Workers, Project Engineers, 2D CAD Design
4 8 1GB 2560x1600 50
GDaaS M602
For Project Engineers, 2D/3D CAD Designers, Medium Revit Users, GIS Users & CAE
4 16 2GB 3840x2160 100
GDaaS M604
For Heavy Design & Medium/High-End Engineering Software
8 32 4GB 3840x2160 200
*GDaaS M608
For CUDA supported Design & Engineering Software, 3D GIS, Realtime Rendering
10 64 8GB 3840x2160 400

* Within GDaaS M608 you can use CUDA Core (2,048 per GPU).

Our workstation models are being deployed on a ‘pay-per-use’ or an ‘unlimited-usage’ subscription model. Please contact our sales department for more details.

Need more resources?

A powerful and innovative feature set

The Shared Drive included in pricing is based on numbers of workstations. Additional capacity can be purchased.

Workstation capacity

MyGDaaS™ offers a fully operational and licensed Windows desktop, including antivirus and malware protection, for immediate use. Specifications vary per model (see workstations pricelist).

Shared drive

Enhance productivity and collaboration by enabling users to access and securely share files with people inside or outside of your organization. MyGDaaS™ automatically adds capacity per user subscription.

Scenario builder

Build complex automation workflows for deployment of desktop and server blueprints using an easy drag-and-drop interface (coming soon).

Custom blueprints

Customize desktop and server offerings including applications and data based on the needs of different users with built-in lifecycle management and application containerization (coming soon).


Connect users across different datacenters and geographies, creating regional or global collaboration platforms with optimum user experience (coming soon).

Usage reporting

MyGDaaS™ offers real-time insights in time & resource consumption and invoices.

Manage multiple projects

Manage within the same tenant multiple sub-tenants with their specific applications, data, and configuration settings, allowing your organisation to create securely isolated environments for different teams, projects or customers.

Streaming protocol

MyGDaaS is an all-in-one solution as it comes, next to standard HTML5 access, with a streaming client that enables multi-screen and adds compatibility for printers, plotters, 3D mice and over 10.000 supported peripherals in general.

Email support

With any MyGDaaS package you get included email support during the GMT+1 business hours towards your IT admins.

Unlimited data traffic

With MyGDaaS you don’t need to worry about your data traffic, as long as it is compliant with our fair use policy.

MyGDaaS Management Platform

MyGDaaS comes with a very easy to use and intuitive admin platform that doesn’t require any technical expertise for proper management.

Multiple users

With Team and Enterprise packages you can add additional users or workstations to your projects. The package cost will be multiplied by the number of users within your account.

Quick pricing FAQ

For more information about pricing please check or write us via the chat available on the website.

When do I need a monthly MyGDaaS subscription?

If you plan to use your MyGDaaS workstation intensively or want to have full control of the cost, the monthly plan is the better option.

Which are the payment options?

Credit cards and PayPal payments are accepted. For invoices, please contact the Cloudalize team to help you.

A monthly package or a monthly resource model?

The monthly package (9,99, 24,99 and 29,99 credits/month) is a mandatory fixed cost based on your needs. The resources, on the other hand, are billable on an hourly or monthly basis.


Larger setups might require the setup of a VPN connection towards your license server, the setup of a Revit or webserver or you might want extra storage on your shared drive. To meet those needs, we developed extra infrastructure as a service (IaaS). IaaS is compatible on our platform and is directly connected via a 100 Gbps backbone to your virtual workstation. 50 GB server storage is included on all server sizes as shown in the overview below.
Get in touch with us and we will provide you with a custom quote according to your needs.

Get a quote


Server size CPU (cores) RAM (GB)
XS 2 2
S 4 4
M 6 8
L 8 16
XL 8 32

XS server is the entry level server and XL server is the highest performance server. For pricing information please contact our sales department.

Storage & other resources

icon exchange

Enhance productivity and collaboration by enabling users to access and securely share files with people inside or outside of your organization. MyGDaaS™ automatically adds capacity per subscription member. Storage is being provided as a shared virtual drive or as a private storage server, for pricing information please contact our sales department.

icon red lockVPN
Enhance productivity and collaboration by enabling users to access and securely share files with people inside or outside of your organization. MyGDaaS™ automatically adds capacity per subscription.

Blue projectProject
Manage multiple subtenants with their specific applications, data and configuration settings. This allows y
our organisation to create secure isolated environments for different teams, projects or customers.

Not sure what to choose?

Call our sales team at +32 939 589 90 or write us on the chat available on the website.

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