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TCO Calculator

The cost of cloud computing is often compared to the cost of buying new traditional workstations, which doesn’t reflect the Total Cost of Ownership or TCO.

Therefore, we developed a TCO comparison tool, that takes into account all costs related to traditional workstations compared to the total cost of working with the MyGDaaS platform. Among other things, this includes: 


Blue workstation / Hardware cost - MyGDaaS TCO calculator

Hardware cost

Maintenance / support cost - MyGDaaS TCO calculator

Maintenance/support cost

Productivity loss due to ICT failures - MyGDaaS TCO calculator

Productivity loss due to ICT failures

Power/energy consumption - MyGDaaS TCO calculator

Power/energy consumption


Calculate Your Total Cost of Ownership

Comparing both solutions based purely on a quantitative analysis is ambiguous, as cloud computing comes with many soft benefits that are hard to measure.

These benefits include: the flexibility to scale up and down your capacity, full mobility to access your design anywhere and anytime, instant set-up and deployments and many others. Read more on our related blog post.


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